Petroleum Engineering Schools And Colleges In Colorado

Colorado is a leader in energy conservation, renewable clean energy, and energy innovation. The state has an “all of the above” energy strategy, promoting development of a diverse mix of energy resources including biofuels, natural gas and oil. The state is also home to abundant supplies of natural gas and oil. That’s why Colorado is called the powerhouse of economy and it produces a massive GDP of $236 billion. Agriculture, livestock, government agencies, machinery, chemical products and factory production are main sectors for its growing economy.UNSW DAY ONE 1108

Colorado Is A Good Source Of Natural Gas

In terms of power production, Colorado has seven of the largest natural gas fields in the country, as well as two of the largest oil fields. It is highly appreciated that Colorado covers more than 5% of total US natural gas production. Almost all citizens in Colorado are highly educated and they give a special care in education. Some renowned schools in Colorado are University of Colorado Boulder, The University of Denver, Colorado Mountain College, and the Colorado School of Mines. Engineering is major focus of students in Colorado and there are near about 25 engineering schools with properly equipped and furnished. As there is lot of opportunities and salary package is also lucrative, many students prefer to choose petroleum engineering as their career option. Some of the schools where petroleum engineering is included in curriculum are the Colorado State University-Fort Collins, and the Arapahoe Community College.

However, the oldest and the most distinguished school is Colorado school of Mines which provides a complete degree of petroleum engineering. They have all courses like starting from BS to MS/ME and even Ph.D. The average salary of a petroleum engineer is Colorado is $93,000 per year which is slightly lower than the average of other US states. Since Colorado is a good resource of oil and natural gas, demand of a petroleum engineer is climbing. So according to Bureau of Labour statistics, Colorado is recruiting more than 1600 people with an average salary of $ 144,000. Right now with tens of thousands of Coloradans currently employed in the energy sector. In future numbers will increase even more. It is also true that salary depends inclusively on individual skills, experience and qualification.Colorado is expected to be in the top 10 states for job growth in 2016, maintaining strong progress across numerous industries.

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