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Song Seung Hun pictures & biography

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Song Seung Hun picture & photo stock Song Seung Hun picture & photo stock Song Seung Hun picture & photo stock Song Seung Hun picture & photo stock Song Seung Hun picture & photo stock Song Seung Hun picture & photo stock

Song Seung-hun (born Song Seung-bok on October 5, 1976) is a South Korean actor. He started his career as a model in 1995, modelling for the brand name STORM, and began acting in sit-coms and TV dramas in 1996. In 1999 he made his film debut in Calla and has since then gathered prominent fan base throughout Asia.

Song is noted for his role in Korean dramas like Autumn Fairy Tale (2000) and Summer Scent. Song, during his late teenage years, successfully evaded serving the local army by claims of heavy diabetes and high blood pressure. At 28, he was discovered by the South Korean government and forced to serve the army for two years. Many fans pleaded for the government of South Korea not to take such a drastic action. Song, feeling guilty of himself, apologised to his fellow countrymen.

Despite pleas from his fans to the South Korean government, they feared that by giving clemency to Song would spark off riots and strikes by the people's displeasure of breaching equitity among citizens. In the end, Song temporarily dropped acting to serve the army until 2006, although he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Song was discharged on November 15 as a Corporal.


* He Was Cool (2004, Lee Hwan-kyung)
* Ice Rain (2003, Kim Eun-sook)
* So Close (2002, Corey Yuen)
* Make it Big (2002, Cho Ui-seok)
* Calla (1999, Song Hae-sung)


* Summer Scent (2003)
* Law Firm (2001)
* Autumn Fairy Tale (2000)
* Popcorn (2000)
* Message (1999)
* Happy Together (1999)
* Cheat (1998)
* YOU & I (1998)
* Beautiful Girl (1997)
* 3 Man 3 Woman (1996)

Music TV

* Sad Love Story (2004)
* One Day


* 2001 - SBS TV: Top Ten Popularity Award
* 2000 - KBS TV: Most Photogenic Award
* 2000 - KBS TV: Most Popular Actor Award
* 1999 - SBS TV: Popularity Award
* 1998 - Baek Sang Arts Award: Popularity Award
* 1997 - KMTV Most Popular Star Award: Korean Acting Award


* Height: 179 cm
* Weight: 68 kg
* Religion: Christian

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