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Sexbomb Cynthia pictures & biography

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Sexbomb Cynthia picture & photo stock Sexbomb Cynthia picture & photo stock Sexbomb Cynthia picture & photo stock Sexbomb Cynthia picture & photo stock Sexbomb Cynthia picture & photo stock Sexbomb Cynthia picture & photo stock

Cynthia Stevenson (born August 2, 1962, in Piedmont, California) is an American actress. She grew up in Vancouver, Canada.

One of her first roles was a guest appearance as Norm Peterson's high-strung secretary Doris on Cheers; meeting Norm at the bar during a rainstorm, she enters wearing a yellow slicker and rainhat, prompting a reference to the Morton Salt Girl. Other early work includes playing Jennifer Bass on the syndicated comedy television series My Talk Show in 1991-1992 and Bonnie Sherow in the Robert Altman's The Player in 1992.

Her bigger roles include Hope Davidson in the NBC sitcom Hope & Gloria, Tracy Calloway in Oh Baby, Trish Maplewood in Happiness, Joy Lass from Dead Like Me (pictured right), Joanne Larson in Home for the Holidays (1995) and Mrs. Banks in Agent Cody Banks and Agent Cody Banks 2. She has also appeared repeatedly in the TV series The L Word.

In April 2006, she completed filming a new sitcom pilot for CBS called You've Reached the Elliotts, starring opposite Chris Elliott as his wife. In August 2006, Stevenson had a guest-starring role in the USA series Monk.

Currently, she plays Celia Bachelor, Elmo, Alaska's chief law enforcement officer, in the ABC series Men in Trees.

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